• May 2012
    If you want to make up stories, write fiction and leave memoir alone.  If you want to write memoir, then invest your writing with your personal truth. Just make sure you've done enough real, hard personal investigation to know what your truth is....
  • June 2011
    Well-crafted and workman-like prose is high praise.  Can't figure why that would upset you!
  • January 2011
    I don't care what Sarah Palin and the Right (what an oxymoron!) say - Words Matter.
  • July 2010
    Who's got my back? The International Women's Writing Guild! Hannelore Hahn, founder and Exec Director. June Gould, Eunice Scarfe, Myra Shapiro, Jan Phillips, Susan Tiberghien, Lynne Barrett, Judy Huge, Pat Carr and many, many more phenomenal...
  • April 2010
    OOPS! That's www.teachingwill.com!
  • April 2010
    A big shout out to Mel Ryane and her funny, poignant, fabulous blog www.teachingwil.com
  • August 2009
    Oh, and I meant to add, about looking for self in someone else's story, that's why Memoir is so important. I believe we heal each other and teach each other how to live through the sharing of our stories. A friend of mine, Jan Phillips...
  • August 2009
    Memoir is always process. Memory itself is process, always mutable. Writing should never be thought of as a product, persay, though attention to craft is necessary, especially in a final draft if one decides to publish. I love what you said about...

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