• February 2016
    Fascinating and terrible story. Thank you.  
  • February 2016
    Yes, some of my most popular seemed to just flow from head to screen in one fell swoop. Most I work on and revised, though 
  • February 2016
    My most successful posts so far have tended to be the goofy ones I shot off, like the ones from when I had a concussion, became obsessed with Burn Notice, and researched the heck out of cast members or wrote my objections to the constant explosions,...
  • February 2016
    Thanks for the "like" on my post about the hidden benefits of occasional procrastination. And congratulations on posting a piece on Huffington. Good for you! I've been reading my little one from the fabulous Betsy-Tacy books, which describe spring...
  • February 2016
    Congratulations! And thanks for your story. I'm always looking for late-bloomers to inspire me to continue. 
  • February 2016
  • December 2012
    I love this! I have been noticing how I struggle with hyphenation. I was an English major. You'd think I'd know these rules, but my grammar's much more creative, shall we say, than it was when Mrs. Griffith taught it to me in 10th grade. 
  • April 2012
    Thank you so much for posting. I'd never heard of AROHO. Now I'm going to apply!  

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