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  • December 2017
    It's a hard transition from first draft to making some revisions, but a fun one. Sounds like you are excited to move ahead!
  • December 2017
  • December 2017
  • December 2017
    Thanks for this. As a Quebec driver ( and writer) I can relate
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    July 2017
    My great writing teacher, Judith Hill, encouraged me to get my poetry out into the world and I self published a book, "Northern Compass" in 2015.  I even managed to sell enough copies to cover most of the production costs.  I...
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  • October 2015
    So spot on! I really feel lonely when I look at my submittable list ( even thoughnGlimmertrain has given me a few Honorable mentions over the past year). But you see, I have nowhere to celebrate that! I just joined a writers' group and will suggest...
  • August 2015
    Good tips. I especially like the caution about five minute pitches to editors at conferences. Will keep this in mind.

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