• January 2019
    Greetings to you, It's my pleasure to meet you here, i hope all is well with you and your family. I hope that your heart will be open for love and for me! I see that you are that person with whom I can entrust my inheritance for a charitable and...
  • March 2013
    You sound quite the entrepreneur, Pamela. Able to write and successfully promote your work and win the respect of a traditional publisher--awesome. Congratulations. I look forward to reading your book.
  • March 2013
    I am not familiar with Ruth's work, but this interview has me interested. I'll look for her book when it comes out. She sounds like a fascinating and deep thinker. Thanks for doing this interview.
  • February 2013
    I really like the metaphor, "...on a collision course with success." Looks like you're well on your way. Congratulations on your courage to say yes and go for it!
  • January 2013
    As a new blogger, I find this advice super helpful. Thank you!
  • January 2013
    This is the clearest explanation I've ever read, and easy to remember. Thank you.
  • December 2012
    I so relate to your experience, Betsy, and that of many of those commenting. Twitter is still on the horizon for me, though I did sign up. Having this sort of discussion and the She Writes community helps me feel less alone in my social media...
  • November 2012
    Such a practical and helpful list, Meghan. I'm definitely going to keep your suggestions in mind as I prepare to launch a blog. In my research on what to do when starting a new blog, I came across this: www.incomediary.com/day-one-blog which lists...
  • November 2012
    I'll certainly look for you, Sunny, and meanwhile will enjoy getting to know you on-line and through your writing.
  • November 2012
    Wow, Sunny, I haven't thought about 2014 yet, but chances are good we'll meet at one of these. I'll have a blog up well before then, though. Before year's end, in fact. I just downloaded "Fools Rush In." Look forward to reading it!

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