• October 2013
    Congratulations, Kamy! I completely support and agree with your decision. You join the ranks of Jane Austin and Virginia Woolf...there is no better way to break the strangle hold of the Big Five than to take the step you have taken. Welcome to the...
  • June 2011
    Lightning Source is the printer that the other ones use to print the books. they are owned by Ingram. They are a print on demand as well as offset printer. They require complete ready to go files. They are for indie publishers. One fun thing they do...
  • June 2011
    Thank you, Kamy. Well said! As a poet, I'm sick to death of the idea that only men can write good poetry. Meaning that we can't win, either way. Naipaul is all the things people have called him over the years. The only remaining question is why does...
  • February 2011
    Perfect! Although I have to say, shewrites is also part of the problem, too much promotion too little real nuts and bolts interaction. So, count me in!
  • January 2011
  • November 2010
    Right on, Kamy! The gloves are off....hey, actually we quit wearing gloves in the 50's except for when we're changing the oil in our own cars.
  • October 2010
    I agree with all that you've said! Next time you search for a literary agent take a look at how many of them are also writing and trying to sell their own books, being an agent is the only way they can get their own feet in the door of the big guns....
  • May 2010
    This site is so multifaceted and interesting but I had to laugh how small the world got when you announced NYC events at your local pub. Sounds like fun, but hey, I'm not in NYC. It's tempting to become east coast centric, I know, but then why...
  • December 2009
    great idea! it's so sad that ZERO poets are able to make a living by their craft alone. i will check out carol ann duffy for sure.

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