• July 2015
    I love this idea.  It sounds like something I (Ms Must Control Everything) could benefit from.  To shake my writing up, I signed up for a fairy tale class.  I've never done anything like it, being stuck in realism most of the time.  It's been fun...
  • November 2012
    You're so right and I always mean to do this and never do.  That's it!  I'm putting a notebook in my handbag right now.  Thank you.
  • October 2012
    Congratulations.  I suck at self-promotion.  Always have.  My book is sitting on Amazon for whoever stumbles across it.  Looking forward to reading yours since my hometown is San Francisco and I love dogs.
  • July 2012
    Stephen King said exactly the same thing.  To be a good writer you have to read.   Excellent piece.   I'd better get "cracking."  
  • April 2012
    Best surprises for me are when I go to bed thinking I have nothing to write about and wake up in the morning with an idea "out of nowhere."   When I was writing for television, I was heavy into outlines -- as detailed as possible -- but once the...
  • March 2012
    Excellent piece.  Thank you for posting it.  
  • February 2012
    I think, while I was reading it, I first put myself in the little claws of the baby birds and got all scared and paralyzed. But when I read "...they embrace her faith." I felt brave because someone else had faith in me. :-) And you're most welcome.
  • Jayne Martin commented on her article Choose Faith
    February 2012
    "And in the end, you reminded me that when I don't have enough faith to make a big leap all by myself, that there are people out there that can have enough faith for the both of us. :-) "   Lisa, this comment blows me away.  I didn't even see that...
  • February 2012
    You know, you brought me right back into times when I've been in nature and had an encounter with a wild creature. The silence after you stop. That moment when you and the creature are aware of each other. It's magical and time stands still. Very...

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