• January 2017
    So just an update.  I finished my first novel in 2016.  And I'm regularly working out in the morning now as a habit.  In fact I wake up a few minutes before the alarm rings at 4:30 most days.  Even on weekends darn it.  I submitted my request for...
  • January 2017
    I got a USB drive that records voice.  So I can use it up to four hours and it stores my recordings.  Its on my key ring.  Never leave home without it.
  • November 2016
    Very nice.  Great job.  The wording of presumed told me he might not be dead yet??  And although that remark might make you go crush your toothpaste tube over and over...I havent yet narrowed my own book premise down. When people ask me about it I...
  • October 2016
    I am currently writing a Science Fiction Fantasy series and have the first book draft named something simple while I write it.  Then the second book outline is also in the works.  So title wise they are just not valid, telling nothing about the...
  • July 2016
    Thanks for the info. So how does this app differ greatly from Pinterest?
  • February 2016
    I will reread this when I've actually finished the first draft.  I guess I skipped over all the little publish this article and that article steps.  With only 3 or 4 chapters left to produce I have a first novel to finish.  Then I will follow Steven...
  • January 2016
    I joined a critique club while writing the last few chapters of my book.  They started critiquing 10 pages of the first chapters (every two weeks) while I'm still writing the last 6 chapters.  I thought it would give me a head start to correcting...

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