• February 2012
    Interesting blog post - you are right healing from hurt does not always have to be from extreme hurt. We all have challenges. I wish you well with your blog.  
  • September 2011
  • April 2011
  • March 2011
    I'm working on this and it's very enlightening, the focus on the physical and sensory both sharpens and dis-empowers the memory at the same time...
  • March 2011
  • Jennifer Hazard posted an article Moon-Day
    March 2011
  • March 2011
  • March 2011
    A beautiful testament to the liberation we achieve when facing our fears! Thank You! Jenny
  • January 2011
    Interesting question, I think the answer is a clear yes, but I also think it may be part of a very long term project. As your kids grow and develop, society and culture goes through it's own developmental stages . I think that starting at birth and...

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