• June 2015
    I was considering a manuscript workshop that would cost $1800 but I've decided to save that money for a professional editor.  A friend-- who is a professional editor-- just helped me edit a 5K word essay and her eye for detail (especially my over...
  • April 2012
    I'd like to add how important it is to apply. You sort of said it when you said that the effort is not wasted, "If not this grant, then another; if not this publisher, then another..."  the fact is that if you DON'T apply you surely will not get...
  • August 2011
    Yes!  place can be in the every day things...  here in Albuquerque nearly every restaurant serves a breakfast burrito, and folks drink iced coffee even in winter! In San Diego, it's the fish taco :-)  in Virgina, all things ham...   this is one of...
  • November 2010
    "When I realized I was going to be doing dishes for the rest of my life, I decided I better enjoy it." --Ruby Simpson, nee Wellons, my grandma
  • August 2010
    even tho it sounded poetically i had a vivid mind that it was prose...it is a really good one...
  • August 2010

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