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    July 2016
    Since my launch party for The Rooms Are Filled a couple of weeks ago, I’ve received a lot of questions from fellow writers and also from people just curious to know what goes on behind the scenes for a book launch. Based on the questions...
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  • December 2014
  • October 2014
    I love that, Betsy! I'll go check it out...
  • October 2014
    Great point about the food/drink.  People don't go to book parties for the food. If there is food, it's fun for it to be thematically linked.  I just attended a great book party for Cheryl Rice - a SWP author.  http://shewritespress.com/cheryl-rice/...
  • July 2014
    You're welcome, Nina - thanks for reading!
  • July 2014
    This is terrific and I hope to be able to implement each idea- except for the teacher one- any classes I've ever had were on-line and long ago. But will try to think of someone else for that introductory role. Thanks!
  • May 2014
    Yes, good question. I'm waiting for that moment; so far, I've planned things mostly in places I have friends and families so they can help spread the word and bring their friends. I've heard that unless you're well-known or have local connections,...

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