• April 2016
    I've written three novels, not erotica, which did not find an agent after months of querying.  I put each, one at a time, on Kindle and Nook, and published them as paperbacks as well.  They have sold modestly, with marketing becoming a big part of...
  • July 2015
    Your blog reveals the other side of the "No returns" scene, one I've never personally experienced, but I'm very glad you have stated, so emphatically, the publishers' viewpoint.  As an indie writer, I have visited all of the indie bookstores in our...
  • June 2015
    Haven't written much for three weeks while I sorted out the suggestions from a new publisher about the social media I should be active on.  I took a class on the subject which lessened my anxiety, and now find myself spending hours rolling through...
  • April 2015
    I have just signed with Penner Publishing, a new company, which will publish three of my books and will expect me, of course, to help publicize them and sell them.  I am a little confused and perhaps should have written for advice sooner, but I am...
  • March 2015
    So, how about towards and toward?  My mouth says "towards" but my writer side types "toward. "
  • February 2015
    It is apparent that some genres do pretty well in the indie book world:  thrillers, mysteries, dystopic scenes, paranormal, romance, soft porn,  and certain kinds of non-fiction, for example.  When I read with envy of a writer, female or male, who...

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