• December 2013
    My small gesture of generosity expanded into a greater gift than I had imagined. About a month ago, PACT (http://www.wearpact.com/) was selling last season's organic cotton socks for $1 a pair at their warehouse. This week, I sent them an email to...
  • October 2013
    Congratulations on making it to LAUNCH! This will be a popular anthology – great idea. Thanks for sharing this wealth of information. It's helpful in working toward one of my projects. Questions? Did you have contracts with the writers? Where can I...
  • September 2013
    You've created a powerful trailer, with the help of talented and skilled people. Thanks for sharing valuable information about your process. You are well on your way to big book sales, and to helping people who are carrying a too-heavy load. Nice...
  • September 2013
    Thanks Jennifer, for sharing your experience. This is valuable info. It's great that your work received so much attention. May your success, and collection of impressive screenshots, continue to build.
  • July 2013
    I agree with Jill Haugh's comment about focus. One way I've been able to do this is to have a theme. During 2013, the theme is 1/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles. There's no lack of material, sad but true, on the topic of child sexual abuse. I read about...
  • May 2013
    At one time, music seemed like a great idea. I pulled a list from iTunes of classical, new age and instrumentals. The list was divided into timed sections with the intention of staying at the computer until the series ended. After a couple of tries,...
  • January 2013
    Not all bad... You climbed above your disappointment with grace and patience. Then you wrote a post that draws more attention to your book. Good job. 
  • September 2012
    OK, now this is embarrassing. I do need to wait for Killing Silence to arrive. But, I can pre-order today!
  • September 2012
    Oops! Sorry Peg. After my post, I saw on the LL-Publications site that you are on #2. Good, because I don't need to wait to dive into the Loser Mysteries. There's money to be made with high-concept, difficult-topic stories. Good luck in attracting a...
  • September 2012
    Great news, Zetta, that Killing Silence will be available this Fall. So glad that you found a publisher who is as strong as your character, Loser. From your description, she's intriguing and I want to read her story. Thanks for the reality check....

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