• April 2010
    When I first crept out from under my rock and tried actual writing on paper instead of in my head, I felt like a WRITER for the first time. Every time I was afraid to write because other writers were published, I told myself, "Writers write. That's...
  • January 2010
    I designed and proposed a science writing symposium called "Spreading the Word: Writing Science to Fascinate and Everyday Audience," for the 2010 National Conference of the NSTA in Philadelphia. http://tiny.cc/HpFrz My proposal was accepted! The...
  • November 2009
    Found your blog! I didn't realize it was on the She Writes site. This is a very thought-provoking post. Quite some time ago, I taught elementary school and dreamed up a reality experience for my students. They chose and researched different careers,...

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