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    September 2011
  • September 2011
    Thanks, Kate for starting your blog and friending me. Are you a redhead too? Okay, let's get something going for SW. What do you think about a discussion group where people can post their concerns about writing and what it takes to be a writer,...
  • September 2011
    Hi Kate, thanks for friending me. I look forward to getting to know you and your writing. Your blog is a wonderful idea! I need all the help I can get on the happiness front. Am looking forward to seeing what you can share with us.
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    September 2011
  • November 2010
    When my second published piece (Medieval Herbalism) was printed in a journal, I received calls and notes from people I didn't know. It freaked me out because they got in touch with me directly, not through the publisher. I had just had my daughter...
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  • October 2009
    Chuckled... my list is similar: groceries, bank, Starbucks, kids' business, husband's business, then home to start it all again the next day... Cilantro is a must in Salsa too.
  • October 2009
    Readers read reviews for different reasons. When I read a review in the newspaper, it's for general information, I many not know much or anything about a particular book. When I read a review in a journal, it's for the expertise of the reviewer. I...

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