• October 2009
  • Kate S. commented on Eugenia's article Hello ladies
    September 2009
    Welcome! As you're new and checking things out, perhaps you'd enjoy looking into the NCTE's National Day of Writing and the National Gallery of Writing -- it is a pretty interesting concept!
  • August 2009
    Anne, what a wonderful, acamdemic adventure you're embarking on! I cannot wait to read along with your journey. I admire your courage; I know many struggle with the decision of whether or not to further education later in life. I hope you love it...
  • August 2009
    Wow, go Brooklyn and their willingness to read tons of poetry! Sounds excellent - looking forward to your message Charlotte.
  • August 2009
    Maybe once you've narrowed down the list you could send some to me via a message here on SW? Also (personally interested in this question): Approx. how many poems does each school request?
  • August 2009
    Hey Charlotte. I'm the poetry editor of University of Rhode Island's The Independent Scribe, an arts and literature publication. I considered looking into an MFA program for along time (and still plan to persue it in the future) but alas will head...

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