• March 2013
    I completely agree... know your child's public persona wishlist. I just posted a blog regarding my neglecting tooth fairy duty... but that's more on me, than him. In spite of the fact he used it to his benefit!
  • February 2013
    I needed to read this today! I was almost ready to try all the Nutall recipes!
  • January 2013
    What a wonderful way to 'filter' and tighten a life experience. Sometimes it is hard to talk about relationships outside the bubble... Can't wait to open the journal and lock in my focus -- well put!
  • December 2012
    Shivering at the idea of twittering... I don't even have a cat with digestive issues to tweet about! Have the account anyway and did shout out to the author of The Night Circus and actually got a pleasant response. I hope to connect with more...

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