• January 2012
    I love when books have humor regardless of how serious the overall topic is. Every book should have humor somewhere. I'm a sucker for comic relief.
  • December 2011
    Great list! Loved Shatter ME. I have Delirium on my Kindle right now, and I'm really liking it so far. I also have Silence waiting for me.
  • October 2011
    I use #kidlitchat (Tuesdays 9pm EST), #yalitchat (Wednesdays 9pm EST). I know there's also #pblitchat (monday) and #mglitchat (thursday). I haven't checked them out yet though. Too many to keep up with.
  • September 2011
    Can I add three words? "Then" is rarely ever necessary. By sentence or word position alone, we know something happened after something else. We don't need the word then. Also "it" and "there" are weak words. Any sentences that begin with "It was" or...
  • September 2011
    Great post!

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