• March 2020
    I'm not sure where to direct this support question, but... I'm new to SheWrites. I was about to write my second article, but I have no Writing (or Write button; I can't remember the exact label) button where I can write new articles. The only...
  • January 2019
    Kristin, I've applied to be a writer on She Writes but it says the application is still pending - it's been over a month. I'm a published author who also had a successful blog on Huff Post Divorce. I'd like to write for She Writes!! HELP??
  • April 2018
    Hi Kristin - I just joined SheWrites, having trouble with the Profile form. Who handles site issues and how can I reach her?
  • April 2018
    Hello Kristin, I'm a new member and am having difficulty completing the Profile page (the"birthdate" section seems to have a glitch). Can you please contact me directly at [email protected] to let me know how I can get help with this? Thanks...

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