• October 2016
    Wonderful story, Lizbeth. Isn't it amazing how such random things can have such a big influence in our lives? Clearly, you were meant to write this book. Congratulations!
  • September 2016
    Helpful article - thank you! But I clicked on EssayKitten...isn't that cheating? They write term papers for kids etc. We are supposed to be writers. How have you used it?  (Also, like Patricia, I have adblock too so couldn't get brand advocates)
  • August 2016
    Very good advice on something I've been wondering about. Thank you, Brooke. But - what is a praise sheet? The first pages of a book where a bunch of endorsements are printed...??
  • May 2016
    Aha! Excellent. And as a boomer mom I can relate....
  • May 2016
    Very wise stuff here. Thank you for writing. But - what is your one true line??? I'm so curious.
  • March 2016
    Thanks, Kathy, had no idea!
  • January 2016
    Persistence, persistence. That, plus you have learned to shrug off the negatives. Lots of lessons in this - thanks, and congratulations!
  • January 2016
    This is wonderful advice - thanks for thinking it through for me...! (Maybe now I'll attack those closets, too)
  • January 2015
    Awesome, Kamy. I already want a phone with that app. Ordered your book through Indiebound so I could get it at my neighborhood book store. I don't know how you can wait until April!
  • October 2014
    Very helpful. Yes, we've heard a lot of this, but you've put it together in a great package. I'm about to start a crucial re-write and this is an excellent, succinct reminder of how to engage the reader right off the bat - so important! Thanks for...

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