• February 2016
    Great information, thank you! I'm going to share your column. I've gotten a lot of attention with the cover of my recently released medical thriller, The Jigsaw Man. 'Creepy' is the word most people use when they see it.
  • January 2016
    Excellent post. Thank you. Publish well and often should be the career writer's mantra. I just released a medical thriller, The Jigsaw Man, and plan on releasing three more books this year. While it seems like I might just be throwing material out...
  • July 2015
    I agree. I'm a small publisher that will release an expensive children's picture book next year, illustrated by a well-known illustrator. I had planned on going with returnable books through Ingrams but after reading your column I'm rethinking...
  • May 2015
    I haven't been carrying books, which sounds like a great idea. What I do is carry bookmarks that have a jacket photo, book blurb and my website on them. When I'm in a waiting room I place them in magazines. At the library I leave them at the free...

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