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    August 2016
    My interesting and satisfying journey to SWP... I can tell you this with all honesty and a straight face. After I finished the first draft of the first novel in my four-book Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series on St. Patrick’s Day,...
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  • An article by Liz Gelb-O\'Connor was featured
    July 2016
      Photo: L.G. O'Connor (View from Bob Mayer's home at the Write On The River Retreat) In June, I attended a writers retreat at the home of New York Times Bestselling author, Bob Mayer with three other...
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  • January 2016
    This is great, Barbara!
  • January 2016
    Lindsay, congrats on all the success! Great advice...
  • November 2015
    This is my third year, but I just switched full-time roles at work this week, so 1,667 per day has been tough. I'm already behind - but, OMG, if I retroactively apply PLAN B with 1,300 during the week, and 2,500 per weekend - I'm on target! Thanks,...
  • October 2015
    Jill, I was recently at the national RWA conference, and a keynote was given by wildly successful, bestselling author, Barbara Freethy. She now works directly with Ingram Publishing Services as her own entity, like a Big 5 publisher would. I believe...
  • September 2015
    I totally agree with Kelli MCCracken. People who read a lot (myself included) are not willing to pay a lot. My limit is what I'd pay for mass market paperback, not trade. If I'm paying that much because I can't wait, I'll go to my local B&N...

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