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    July 2016
      There are many paths to publishing today, some more circuitous than others, and in my experience, you need to explore and discover which way is the best for you and your book.  I hybrid-published my first book Seeing Red: A...
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  • June 2016
    Thanks for reading - glad I'm not alone Janis and Kristin. I love your story, and I get it, I know other multilingual families with kids, and the challenges, not everyone are as determined as you are to stick to the two or three languages. ;-) May I...
  • June 2016
    I absolutely understand this. You may get a chuckle out of my recent take on living bilingually in my Huffington Post piece: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/janis-couvreux/raising-bilingual-children_b_9344104.html
  • June 2016
    Such great insight, Lone! Thank you for contributing!
  • November 2015
    Hi Claire and Christine, Glad that this post is useful. There truly are many more options available to us writers, and yet, the challenge is to find the ones that work for us, for each project, etc. - and be realistic. All of it is work, ha ha,...
  • November 2015
    Wow, thank you so much, Lone, for sharing your experience and composing this really well-organized and informative article! I've been thinking of doing an Indiegogo fundraiser for over a year, now, for my second book (which is the first in a series...
  • November 2015
    Fabulous. Thank you for sharing your story and the video. More power to you in this next phase of getting a publisher and/or completing your kickstarter campaign!
  • November 2015
  • October 2014
    Congratulations Lena!! This is beautiful, glad you are here, alive and kicking !! xoxo

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