• March 2016
    Lorraine, did you write the essay on LitHub about the literary class system impoverishing the writing world? If so, let me tell you, I loved it. 
  • June 2015
    I'm not this organized, although I would like to think that there is some method to my madness frustration. I am reliant on others to let me know when approaching deadlines are, what journals are looking for, and how to go about submitting. Rather...
  • October 2010
    Okay. A confession. While my work has not been associated too much with the writing of erotica, when I was first divorced and looking to make a living, I wrote "private erotica" under a pen name. I was contacted by folks who asked me to write...
  • August 2009
    Are women in Afganistan on Obama's radar? In his own words, not really. I saw a (male!) reporter ask him that during a press conference, and Obama's answer was that human rights would be "nice" but they are "not a priority." His priority? American...

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