• August 2013
    Marci, I feel for you. It's awful to have an idea rattling around and then find out that someone beat you to it. But I agree with the other commenters that another perspective - maybe not in a huge mag like TIME - is certainly useful. I doubt the...
  • June 2013
    Brooke, Sorry - another thing ... I don't have a proper writerly page on Facebook to like yet. I'll check yours out, in any case. Thanks.
  • June 2013
    Brooke Thanks for the suggestion of a business (vs. personal) page. Are you saying I won't get all those frankly trivial status updates? (I didn't mean spam, if that's what you thought.) And if I create that business page, should the people who like...
  • June 2013
    Excellent points! Thanks for posting. Alas, I hate social media. I am sure Facebook etc. helps a lot of people, but it's a joke otherwise for at least one reason: the settings. After I friended a few people I met at a workshop, my feed started...
  • August 2009
    Hi! I am a writer and copyeditor. It's not quite as fun as a book editor, I suppose (never having been the latter), and getting more and more frustrating. My questions: 1) do you find that people - even educated ones - are writing less and less...

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