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  • Louise Nayer posted an article Sweet or Sour
    December 2010
  • September 2010
    You know, I was adopted to a mother, father and sister who all had the same concept of sharing inner pain - they didn't. And of course that made me - someone who felt deeply and needed real, not just perceived, closesness - the odd man out. In...
  • Louise Nayer posted an article Story Telling
    September 2010
  • July 2010
    Great ideas. I need to sharpen some of my computer skills--but hopefully this won't be too hard. My memoir(Burned: A Memoir) was published in April--and I've been doing all kinds of things--but some of these are totally new to me. The re-posting by...
  • May 2010
    I don't want to organize as I'll just be back from traveling but would love to meet up with any San Francisco or Bay Area She Writes women!
  • Louise Nayer posted an article Book Tour
    May 2010
  • April 2010
    Hi Victoria, I enjoyed reading this as my book Burned: A Memoir has just come out. I teach full-time and I'm in the midst of grading mania--so how to decide how much marketing I can handle and to also do a little letting go and just hope people love...

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