• May 2013
    Thoroughly awesome post. Thanks.
  • April 2013
    If it wasn't for my move to China, I'm sure I'd still be a paper book only girl.  But now that I'm living in China, my eReader is my life line and one of the most important things in my possession. That being said, I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on a...
  • December 2012
    Wow, thanks for this post!  I've never experienced writer's block, but "underwhelmed ambivalence I HAVE experienced and it's comforting to know I'm not the only one.
  • September 2012
    I'm leaving the disillusioning world (at least for me it is anyway) of the 9-5 and going off to China to teaching English at the age of 43.  No, I've never lived abroad and I'll be new to teaching ESL too.  I don't know what country I'll be off to...
  • August 2011
    I love it! Female protagonists of colour as heroines instead of victims! We definitely need more of that kind of perspective. Thank you for this post!
  • June 2011
    Awesome post. Thank you!  I have struggled with this very same issue as well and I agree wholeheartedly with the points you make in this post.
  • March 2011
    Great article...but sad and maddening too! I'm a newbie, still unpublished and yet keeping track as much as I can of the changes going on in publishing and sometimes it's overwhelming. Never knew about stripping books!  Horrible! I can't imagine...
  • January 2011
    Thank you for sharing this.

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