• October 2014
    Success on one's own terms.  I like that.  In theatre they say, "Break a leg", so with writers, do we say, "Break a pencil/keyboard?"  Anyway...go get 'em, lady! :O)
  • October 2014
    When I took an economics class my first go-round in college, the the first thing the professor did was draw a small circle on the whiteboard.  He said, "The inside of the circle is what you know.  The perimeter of the circle is what you realize you...
  • September 2013
    I enjoyed your musings on the who, what, where, when and why of writing.  When my writing is most "on", the words feel like expertly faceted jewels, with a new sparkle of light at each new turn.
  • September 2013
    Beautiful and vital.  I can see, hear, feel, taste, and almost touch the story.
  • September 2013
    I've always wondered how KDP worked IRL.  Thanks for sharing your experiences.  Looking forward to next week's installment.  
  • August 2013
    Home repairs and remodeling.  We recently purchased the former home of my husband's paternal grandparents, built in 1963 and in desperate need of updating, rewiring, etc etc etc.  It takes my mind off of just about everything.  I hope your folks...
  • January 2012
    Start an online petition with the recipient being Letterman's producer?  Direct emails with a link to the list? My only concern would be that those of his lists I've read/heard seem to be more flippant in nature?  (I could be wrong about this,...
  • December 2011
    Excellent information, Jill.  I did have to double-take on the title, like Sandra.  But what a great way to draw readers' interest to this vital advice!
  • December 2011
    I read about the video of Park Young Sook's work, suddenly my mother's voice entered my head..she would have been horrified at the destruction of the pots.  But then, to be great, we have to give up being good.  Thank you for having the courage to...

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