• February 2013
    Delightfully inspiring post, Ellen.  You are a lucky woman to have had that mother of yours!  My mother wasn’t a writer, but, as it turned out, she was my muse.  Mom had Alzheimer’s disease. After I witnessed, with great sorrow, her memory loss to...
  • September 2012
    Thanks for your thoughtful response, Meghan. Much appreciated.
  • September 2012
    Although I think you’re right, Meghan, I took a chance last week and decided to post the first story  out of 40 stories that I wove throughout my newly published guidebook. The stories are “Mother Memoirs” written by daughters and sons whom I call...
  • March 2011
    Oh, people of Japan, I feel for you, pray for you. Your ordeal is horrific, but you are strong and resilient, and you have the will to mend and repair and the love of the human family pouring out to you in this time of great need. I hold the souls...

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