• August 2012
    I have practiced law for near 25 years, but never have I felt bolder or "gutsier" than when putting my fiction "out there." It definitely is hard to stay genuine and true to oneself while trying to "make it" as a professional writer. But the way I...
  • Madison Sonnier posted an article Fresh start
    July 2012
  • November 2011
    I know how it feels to not have support from your family. My mom is the only person in my family who supports me wanting to be a writer. You just can't bring yourself to worry about what they think though. This is YOUR life and you deserve to pursue...
  • October 2011
    I write because it is the only thing that makes sense for me to do. And I can be me.
  • June 2011
    This is great. I love the part about self-love and self-trust. I tend to compare myself to other writers sometimes instead of believing in my own decisions and ideas. I know that's one of the worst thingsĀ I could possibly do. I'm working on it... :)

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