• February 2016
    Hi Victoria! Thanks so much for your insights. Moving around, geographically, does tend to water speech down. I suppose we'll all even sound more alike in 50 years.... If you ever have a chance to see this documentary - I highly recommend...
  • January 2016
    Thanks for this series, Rachel. Hugely helpful. I look forward to reading your book!
  • October 2015
    Thanks for sharing, Alonna - I will have a listen!!
  • October 2015
    Dear Karen - good point! Yes, as a southerner, it was always funny to me that non-southerners sometimes can't hear the difference between Texas and Virginia. And, I have to admit, I was surprised when I first learned there was a difference in...
  • October 2015
    Alonna, thank you for your comments. It sounds like we share some language interests. I'm always curious how writers fit that in and I did not think of IPA. Your novel sounds beautiful! And your grandmother's "Uff-da" made me think of the "Och" that...
  • October 2015
    Hey Tonya - thanks for commenting. Do you think your time away helped you see, feel, taste and hear home even better? Best wishes, Mandy
  • October 2015
    Thanks for your lovely observation, Donna. I note that your book, Provenance, which takes place partly in the South and elsewhere, does make use of dialect, but it's never distracting. Lance's speech adapts as he moves in wider and wider circles.
  • October 2015
    Good point, Charlene. You are right, the best of the best really get the cadence of a region's speech on the page - with real words. Although, "Shet de do," works just as well when I read Twain!
  • October 2015
    Hey Kim - Thanks for commenting. Have you ever used dialect in your own writing?
  • May 2015
    Just what I needed - thanks!

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