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    July 2016
    As a federal lobbyist for twenty-five years, I had a great deal of experience advocating on paper:  speech-writing, congressional testimony, talking points, fact sheets and probably thousands of letters. I was a whiz at Dear Mr. President, Dear...
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  • May 2016
    Cindy, I liked this post very much.  I am an advanced ovarian cancer survivor and a cancer widow --my husband became ill the night before my last chemotherapy and died six months later.  So, I related well to your points.  But I do want to direct...
  • February 2016
    Irene, you are inspiring.  Thank you for sharing this painful memory and your success in moving beyond it.  
  • February 2016
    Thank you, Bella.  
  • February 2016
    Thank you, Rose. I appreciate and agree with your comment. 
  • February 2016
    Thanks so much Marcia. This retelling of how your story came about brings a sense of great humility to my heart, to realize that life is the journey and that a story worth writing is one worth working for. Thank you for sharing your story with the...
  • February 2016
    Thanks, Karen. Best wishes on your own journey wherever it takes you.
  • February 2016
    Thank you for sharing your memoir story, Marcia.  I wish  you the best for its success.  Considered writing a memoir myself, but have kept into the question of "why go back there?"  Glad for you that you enjoyed so much support!
  • February 2016
    Patricia, I think for some people the writing itself provides perspective, then insight and that leads to healing. Sharing takes it further, especially when you get feedback that is supportive, or provides a sense you are not alone.  But it takes...
  • February 2016
    Irene, you said just the right words:  labor of love.  It was ... all of it! I am so glad you love the cover; so do I. This is the view I see from my home on Naked Mountain...

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