• June 2017
    Is that the whole article - 2 paragraphs? or am I not seeing the rest?
  • February 2017
    I once wrote an answer to one question on an application to an MFA program by using first lines from favorite books. and one of those lines was definitely "It is a truth universally acknowledged. . . . "
  • November 2016
    HI, Dhana, wonderfully clear  and succinct post. I have struggled, and am struggling, with every single one. Sympathy, empathy, and all the rest to you. I noticed you live in BC, am curious about where. Since it's northshore writers of which you are...
  • July 2016
    There are many other questions that are difficult, even annoying.  "Have you been published?" takes the cake as the worst. It's horrible if you haven't been published, slightly less if you have been in a small lit. journal, and it goes on. And what...
  • June 2016
    Love it. As Kat said, it's an easy trick and one I didn't know.Thanks so much, Maria.
  • May 2016
    I especially liked that you forewent (what a funny word!) the rant, not to mention the snapping.  Just takes so much energy away from what needs to be done (from one who rants and snaps way too much). Probably why you could pull an all-nighter!
  • May 2016
    Great post, Sakki. You hit all the pitfalls and also provided of list of possible expectations. Loved it. Where do you live?
  • April 2016
    Kate, who knows if they were or not?   There have probably always been the persnickety ones who are more upset than others. Not to mention all the remnants of previous usage that remain in different pockets of language.
  • April 2016
    Thank god, Maria, for someone writing it clearly and simply.  "Me"  is fast disappearing as an object. Soon, we won't remember this rule. It has become so inculcated in American speech that even  people who are grammar experts slip sometimes in...
  • March 2016
    Especially liked examining your goals for your first novel.

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