• 3 days ago
    I plugged away for five years on a bad novel. I could feel my heart wasn't in it, but I thought that if I just kept working at it, I'd reach a breakthrough. I didn't. In the two years since I set that project aside, I have written for newspapers and...
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    3 days ago
    Last week I read a novel that contained multiple capitalization errors. The book was published by a small press, which made me wonder how thorough the copyediting process is there. It also made me wonder if certain capitalization errors have become...
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  • 4 days ago
    Yes, with social media I can always tell myself that I have to promote my debut novel, instead of working on my next one which is a work-in-progress. So, now I have my bistro table and chair for writing, but if it rains, I'll find that as an excuse...
  • An article by Maria Murnane was featured
    7 days ago
    I'm currently taking a screenwriting class, and in our first session the teacher emphasized how important it is to make our writing time "holy." When he said that, I found myself smiling and nodding. In a recent...
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