• 2 days ago
    I hadn't thought about this at all, but reading this article - it definitely makes sense to do this! I'm glad I read this now, because I'm still in the writing/editing phases of my first books, and I will try to keep your advice in mind as I go...
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    4 days ago
    The road from aspiring author to published author can be tedious, frustrating, and stressful, but it can also be inspiring, fulfilling, and downright fun. No matter where you currently are on your journey, I recommend keeping track of it with photos...
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  • An article by Maria Murnane was featured
    13 days ago
    Next week I’m speaking at a meeting of a book club that specializes in novels set in New York. The club moderator agreed that Katwalk would be a perfect fit, so it’s all set up! Guess when I first contacted the club...
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  • 20 days ago
    This is great advice Maria! I use this all the time for writing my manuscripts. It's why I don't focus on writing just one novel - I'll get distracted and start procrastinating. When I have a handful of projects, I move from one to the other at my...

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