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    7 days ago
    I realize that spring officially started last month, but we're still waiting for the nice weather to stick in Brooklyn, so to me it feels like we're on the cusp of a new season. Thus, a spring post! I receive a lot of...
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  • 20 days ago
    Maria, I've never seen that handy trick of removing the adjective to clarify if the hyphen is needed. I'll be using and teaching that one from now on. Thanks so much!
  • An article by Maria Murnane was featured
    22 days ago
    Are you using hyphens when you shouldn’t be? Hyphens are used to avoid ambiguity when two descriptive words are placed next to each other before a noun. (They are also used for compound words such as dead-end.) For example, take the...
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  • 22 days ago

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