• August 2018
    It was really nice to meet you and your friend at the Writers Retreat...and I so enjoyed your workshop. Thank you for coming.
  • February 2018
    I joined Shewrites a while back but under a different email. I requested to join the novelist writers group and see my request is still pending from a long time ago. Can you somehow negate that request so I can put in a new request under my new...
  • February 2018
    Hi, I'm back after being away for awhile. The last time I was here I was able to post on the "Blogging About Books" feed and another group that invited you to post a link to your current blog post so that other She Write members could go there if...
  • February 2014
    >It's difficult, plodding, meticulous work. But it's joyous,too. Funny how these go together, isn't it? I wonder if, if you don't like the meticulous part, you could ever be a great writer?
  • October 2012
    There was a terrific piece in the UK Guardian (ironically) about why the "Great American Novel" is so predominantly male. Best discussion I've seen of this problem anywhere: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/may/09/female-novelists-usa
  • March 2012
    >I am a writer. There I said it. YAY! For me, that was the hardest part. Good luck!
  • February 2012
    Wish I were going to be there. We had such a great gathering in Denver a few years ago. :-)
  • February 2012
    >Writing great sex is sort of like having great sex, I suppose Maybe my problem is I don't like the idea of being SEEN having great sex. :-) Really nice post, Randy!
  • February 2012
    >Anyway, my point is that writing or making any kind of art is hard. Amen to this, Kerina.
  • February 2012
    Really interesting, Julia. The gender divide in all areas of literature continues to amaze me. And frustrate me.

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