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    December 2017
    Over the past month and a half, I've given you tips on using LinkedIn and GoodReads. Today I want to talk about Instagram. Instagram has more than 200,000 million active users. Young people, in particular, are flocking away from Facebook to...
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  • September 2017
    About number 5: I've always heard that when you write a blog, it's considered published. Many publishers--at least of literary magazines--won't consider a piece that has been published on a blog. Is this true? Has anyone had something written on...
  • An article by Meghan Ward was featured
    August 2017
    Every now and then you read a gloom and doom post about blogging like "Is blogging dead?" or "Where are all the bloggers?" Blogging is far from dead. Some people who were blogging five days a week four years ago may have slowed...
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