• December 2016
  • August 2015
    Well-said, Brooke, as always. I will share this one widely. Thanks.
  • June 2015
    I will purchase one, and I'm reviewing your novel in Carmel Magazine's August issue, and I will share this request on FB and Twitter and with Binders groups. Everybody needs to get on board here. Not just for Kamy, not just for Wishful Thinking, but...
  • March 2015
    C.L. Kay, if you want contact info on the young woman (now 18) who did my book trailer, let me know. That trailer also won a best book trailer contest in Australia.
  • March 2015
    Book trailers are such a great promotional tool. My book is a young adult novel and I hired a very talented and skilled 16 yr. old to make the trailer for me. She was the same age as my protagonist and she understood the book in the way of the...
  • March 2015
    Can't find where SheWrites is retweeting these...
  • March 2015
    Just tweeted it! #threethings Thanks for the idea.

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