• July 2016
    Hi Patricia,You have described my dilemma. Reviews or the lack thereof. I have a few reviews. No one enjoys a bad review. And a low star rating is just as bad. I'm talking about 1 or 2 stars with no explanation. I'm aware not all readers will...
  • November 2014
    Meghan, Your hesitancy to write about race is understandable. I'm a Black woman with my own take on race. Now, add to that, I'm a Baby Boomer. So, whether Black or White, young or not so young, it takes courage to start a discussion on race. (Okay....
  • November 2013
    Hi Jennifer, I recently installed Google Analytics. I find it's worth every minute I spend exploring. Your article encourages me to continue my exploration. Mickie Sherwood
  • February 2012
    Good advice, Zetta. You're never too old to live and learn. Finding the right places for your work is all about doing your homework. Then, you must put your best foot forward and introduce your work with pride.
  • November 2011
    CJ, Now that you've admitted you're a writer, it is reality. Sometimes family and friends just don't get it. I mean, my husband teases me. He'll ask, "Do you hear that? Listen. That's your computer calling you." You know what? Most times he right....
  • November 2011
    Hi, Maria,   I enjoyed your piece. I deal with writer's block a little like you. I, also, edit when I can't write. I mark things that need rephrasing in red. Things I eliminate from a story I move to a doc labeled Outtakes. But, what helps me get my...

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