• June 2012
    Very good advice.  Thank you, Tayari.
  • June 2012
    When my children were small, I was writing a humourous column for a local paper.  I wrote about family happenings but I didn't include names (except for my dogs - no problem there).  My children didn't have any problem with it and actually thought...
  • June 2012
    Hi Bev, I loved your tale of all the crazies in your life (well probably not all).  I am happy you've added me to the list. I'm a nightowl and no doubt that adds to my craziness.  :)
  • February 2012
    Oh my.  You have told your story so well, Martha.  What an adjustment you must have had to make!  I suppose it must have been harder for your parents.  I lived in the Northwest Territories for two years when I was young and I remember how strange...
  • January 2012
    New paper, new pens, new books, blank canvas these things electrify me.  I get this excited fluttery feeling when I pick them up.  Life is wonderful and so are words.
  • November 2011
    What great advice- fall in love with your husband again.  We so easily get into a rut of routine and forget what we originally admired about a spouse.  My husband and I pastor a senior congregation and it is wonderful to see older couples still so...

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