• November 2010
    Hey, they can give that prize to me! How does one get nominated?
  • September 2010
    Thanks Tayari. I needed that. I'm in the middle of writing a play that takes place in 1862 and I have been self-censoring because I am so worried abt stereotypes. It's like you read my mind.
  • August 2010
    I would, coward that I am, leave the hair talk out of the situation. If you get into phrasing, quotation marks, etc. you run the risk of overemphasizing. [BTW, these days I sometimes sport a press and curl. I've had some people see me the day...
  • August 2010
    Thanks for a great article Tayari. Putting my tail in my seat and making myself crank out the first draft of anything is painful but necessary. I'm much better with revisions once I have a base.

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