• November 2016
    Indeed. I wince when I see how the Millenials use a ridiculous amount of exclamation points. I feel as though a cheerleader is sending me all my messages.
  • September 2016
    Purabis.  Great question!
  • September 2016
    My brilliant, tough-as-nails Manhattan copyright attorney said that only the people who are jerks in the book seek revenge. They are almost waving their hand saying, "Hey I'm that asshole! She can't say that!"  I was told to make between 14-16...
  • August 2016
    Thank you!  I'll be looking at my memoir with a new angle. Nina Angela McKissock From Sun to Sun: A Hospice Nurse Reflects on the Art of Dying.
  • May 2016
    It's generous of you to to take the time to help people along their journey. Thank you! www.ninaangelamckissock.com
  • March 2016
    Not only is Beth Kephart a talented writer, she is the kind of person who you want to hug, have a drink with, get tipsy with and battle out a concept with. I wish prosperity in all aspects on her life.
  • March 2016
    Um. Um. Huh? (Are you from California?) In Stephen King's memoir, On Writing, he'd say to tell it like it is. If a person is fat, say it. If a person is defecating under the kitchen table, would you say that? Please...in this world of everyone...
  • February 2016
    "• ask questions. Let's stop assuming we know who the readership is for a given book and start talking to the writers themselves about how to reach their target readership. If a project comes through that has potential but needs more development on...
  • February 2016
    Oh do I know how you felt. I too felt prepared for my first pitch. One literary agent and two editors held court in a small activity room at the conference. Within the first sentence--when I told them the title of my book, all three began laughing....
  • August 2015
    cool. thanks

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