• April 2015
    Oh boy, do I relate to this sense of being naked in front of the world. I didn't sleep for several days after a New York Times health piece that profiled my 10 year losing battle through my 30s trying to conceive (and with it ran a companion New...
  • February 2011
    In 2006 I was invisible -- an infertile, childless woman unseen and marginalized. That's because society was in the early days of a love affair with all things mommy. Moms Clubs celebrated their "mommy movement." No child, no entrance. It was all...
  • January 2011
    Thanks, Cathy, for dropping by to comment. Appreciate your thoughts. p.s. Florence is definitely on the list of places I hope to visit again soon (20 years is too long between visits!)
  • January 2011
  • March 2010
    Thanks for the shoutout, Victoria. Much appreciated. Ah, yes, the pre-publication nervous breakdown...the adrenalin rush! Very excited about your impending delivery ;-) ...
  • February 2010
    Pamela, I really identify with your post. I have such mixed feelings about Liz Gilbert. I wrote something along these lines on my blog as well, entitled Overeat, Go Gray, Goodbye Love. I'll post the link, though I didn't write this as an ad for...
  • February 2010
    I found the conversation equally fascinating! I look forward to following your progress...wishing you much success. Cheers, Pamela

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