• July 2013
    Thanks for reminding us to keep the vision alive!
  • May 2013
    What an amazing journey. Thanks for the inspiration, Lissa!
  • March 2012
    Thank you for this useful reminder. I'll share it with my students as well!
  • October 2011
    I write because it reminds me that everyday life is comprised of action, risk, uncertainty, terror, and with persistence, the most perfect words.
  • May 2011
    just saw the announcement for your visit to Maplewood at the WORDS Bookstore. yahoo!
  • May 2011
    Yes, thank you for your feedback. My pattern mirrored yours, in part, with applications to several residences (two of which have been awarded for the summer) along with a frenzy of journal submissions. Of the at least a dozen plus submissions, I've...

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