• November 2016
    Thanks, Patricia!  She was wonderful, and had a very expansive mind and authentic life, which made it possible for us to carry on an intimate and soul-searching relationship, primarily through letters.
  • November 2016
    Your aunt Ruth sounds like a wonderful person! What an exciting story.
  • October 2016
    Mary, this is a beautiful "behind the book!" You write so well about what it means to be nspired - or called - to move outside of our lived experience. I, too, am eager to read your book and have recommended it to a friend who lived in Amsterdam...
  • September 2016
    Well, this just knocks it out of the ballpark! High energy, good work, love, sisterhood, and a truckload of courage! Congratulations to you both! Never enough women's voices - a chorus, a symphony, an opera, a hallelujah!!!
  • September 2016
    My memoir Motherlines: Love, Longing, and Liberation, is due in October, 2016.  I have lost count of the many titles this work has had - at one time it was fiction.  The present title did not become clear until I had committed to publish with...
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    July 2016
    “It helps if they are dead,” say many memoirists when asked about including family members in their work. Clearly, memoir is an undertaker’s profession: how to present the person so they look as natural as they did in life?...
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  • April 2015
    Dear Bella,  thank you for your very evocative post!  I am a writer . . . and a therapist!  I work with women artists and writers!  I have just sent my memoir to my agent.  I consider writing a non-negotiable assignment.  I consider "therapy" in the...
  • September 2014
    Thank you, Brooke!  For such clear-headed advice - and dare I say, expertise!  This will save many of us from sleepless hours wondering if our "platform" is strong and sturdy enough to support our dreams!
  • September 2014
    Hi, Kathleen,  You know it is never too late!  Thank you so much for weighing in (uh,oh, is that another topic for discussion?) Yes, I, too, feel the hands of the wise women out there on my back - supporting . . . . here's to persistence,...

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