• September 2013
    Rachel's writing in Broken Pieces is raw, honest, and difficult to accept at times although we know we must. It is real. Compelling. Bravo!
  • December 2012
    Excellent tips - a good reminder of how to stay organized with these events. Thanks!
  • June 2012
    Welcome back! It sounds like your sabbatical was extremely productive! SheWritesPress is an an exciting undertaking and I look forward to reading more about it!
  • February 2012
    Your idea is a great one and hopefully we can spread the word. Would you mind if I reblogged this post next week? In January I wrote about the close of our local bookstore after 47 years. They had been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic about my...
  • February 2012
    Yes, I just saw it now too and would have definitely been interested in participating. Why the delay?
  • January 2012
    I'm all caught up again. Thanks to everyone who came to my pages. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001693081117&sk=wall https://www.facebook.com/TheBridgeClub
  • January 2012
    What a timely post and how wonderful to hear the St. Mark's story. Just this week our neighbourhood book store announced it is closing after 47 years of outstanding informed and personal service to its loyal customers. As the oldest remaining indie...
  • November 2011
    LOL! Be my guest!
  • November 2011
    I'm with Angela on that. I just smile and say "It's something you are REALLY going to want to read!"
  • November 2011
    Congratulations! What an honour and accomplishment! I'll pop right over there now.

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