• October 2012
    Victoria, I like your questions; and yes, that's what I'm saying. As you point out, this is a discussion that needs to happen. People age differently, and the increased lifespan fosters new questions. As the Reagan article points out, there can be...
  • October 2012
    Penny, I may have missed your point. Are you saying that the Romneys should not be in the race because of advanced age and serious illness? If so, there may be argument for a new health standard regarding running for political office. However, what...
  • October 2012
    Victoria,  thanks for stopping by. I agree we've had great leaders in many eras who coped with health issues. As with all things though, times have changed; the potential consequences of not discovering the effects of age and stress have increased...
  • October 2012
    We've had past presidents who've dealt with serious health issues. Think FDR, JFK, and Abraham Lincoln who suffered from deep depression and a mentally disturbed wife. Their greatness is not to be denied. Somehow, if Romney is all he thinks he is...
  • July 2012
    This is a very good post. As a nonfiction writer, who would also like to stretch my writing, I find your perspective helpful, as well as entertaining. In fact, you do it so well that I think you could make it into a workshop or ebook to sell. I look...
  • June 2012
  • May 2012
    He is definitely an inspiration. I worked for a man who was a quadriplegic and had a family to support. The challenges are almost beyond most of us to imagine, even in the best of situations. His art is beautiful, and I love the genet. Thanks for...
  • April 2012
  • March 2012

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