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    July 2016
      Want to make a writer shudder? Ask them if they’ve queried yet. Today I led a workshop on The Great American Query Letter and the participants shuffled in with the reluctance (not to say dread) of women about to try on bathing suits...
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  • June 2013
    Maybe the young don't mind starving or they are still under someone else's roof. Don't know but it seems age should not be a deciding factor in writing a good story.
  • June 2013
    Thank you for welcoming me to this group. I don't know how I got to be over 40 but somehow the years just piled on ,one after another. I have always wanted to write and I found that if an event in my life was particularly affecting, I had no trouble...
  • April 2012
    Great advice! I'm taking all these pointers to heart!!! 
  • April 2012
    Randy, you could not be more write (forgive me...I'm the queen of really bad puns), but in fact my agent has done the same thing with me. And you write a different query for each agent you are querying much of the time. Reminds me of the same thing...
  • March 2012
    thanks for the inspiring post. 
  • February 2012
    Thanks for these 10 important points.  Really needed this today!
  • February 2012
    How thoughtful you are. What a refreshing perspective. Bravo!
  • February 2012
    I absolutely love your post! There is much truth in it! The library has been the first source of reading and research treasure/pleasure for generations. Today, maybe not so much, as we have electronic services, even as youngsters. So whether we love...

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