• March 2015
    1. Hannah and Maggie meet on their daughters' first day of kindergarten. They are opposites in every way save one - they are trapped in loveless marriages. They make a pact to leave their husbands when their daughters graduate from high school. 2....
  • March 2015
    Rebecca, I feel exactly the same way! My beta readers told me for years to read this series, and I just never got around to it. Then I subscribed to STARZ just to watch the series. I ran to the book store the week before the infamous "wedding'...
  • March 2015
  • February 2015
  • Rebecca Elswick commented on her article Year End Clearance!
    January 2014
    Thanks for the comment! You are so right - negativity destroys so many things. I'm a teacher and it upsets me to see other teachers be so negative about students. I mean, they're teenagers, for heaven's sake! They're supposed to drive us nuts!
  • January 2014
    I especially like # 3... forgiveness and focusing on who and what matters most in our lives.  Negativity only takes away from our own happiness and keeps us following someone else's agenda, not our own. Let go... Move on... Live the life we were...
  • January 2014
  • May 2013
    YAY! Love, love, love this! A million thank yous and best of luck to you!

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