• February 2015
    Great tips! I will take your advice and make some updates to my profile, including the publications. Thanks! Also, if you'd like to link up, you can find me there at "Regina (R.Y.) Swint." I'd be pleased to add any of you ladies to my connections. :)
  • July 2014
    THIS...was a flippin' awesome read. I recently retired from the Army, after 20+ years, ending a career dedicated to doing something meaningful, real, significant, to earn a respectable living, while I tabled my aspirations of becoming a writer. I...
  • April 2014
    Congratulations, again. I'm so looking forward to your launch.  I know it will all continue to be good gravy on your warm mashed potatoes.  Yaaay!  :)
  • July 2013
    This is super news, Jessica! I'm so happy for you.  I loved reading the beginning of it, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest when you release it.  :)
  • October 2012
    Congratulations!  That sounds pretty awesome.  I don't know that I had an actual epiphanic push. (Yes, I made up "epiphanic").  Just a few significant things happening in quick succession that made me say, go for it, already. An unexpected death in...
  • July 2012
    Hi, Carrie!I love the back story for your book.  I think coming up with a title for it will be super exciting for you.  I'm trying to imagine what kind of title I would give it, but so many thoughts pop into my head.  And I love that whole ominous...
  • July 2012
    Hi, Carrie! I don't know about your Facebook page, but my writing doesn't get much attention there.  My friends are more into the socializing than any networking or constructive feedback.  My friends and family love me, I'm sure.  But their interest...
  • July 2012
    I started blogging back in 2006, on a site that was exclusively for blogging.  That's where I first found my nerve to share with strangers.  I was fortunate to get some good feedback, mostly positive.  Then, I moved on to MySpace, which is where I...
  • July 2012
    That's great, Carrie!  Congratulations on getting it started.  Keep up the good work.  :) As for sharing it, I'm not sure if there is some accepted standard on when and how to share your work, but I started sharing mine on my blogs.  I felt like the...
  • July 2012
    Hi, Clene`! Thanks for reading.  And you're welcome.  The conference was great, and it just gave me a lot of encouragement.  I'm glad part of that encouragement helped you, too.  :)

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