• March 2014
    Thanks so much RYCJ I do understand and things are picking up slowly but steady. I'm learning and now I'm networking. Doing what I know how to do in the best way I know how. Different people have been hosting me as a spotlight artist and each time...
  • March 2014
    Thanks Zetta Brown you have allowed this late bloomer vintage author to shine. Love your generous and giving heart.
  • August 2013
    Thanks Rossandra and you can call me RevLa like all of my friends...smile and I will keep on writing and you too
  • July 2013
    Well, I'm going to preach to myself at the same time that I encourage you! I'm in the process of editing my own book and absolutely petrified of the marketing process if it ever gets to that point. I love the "big girl panties". I hope I own a pair!...
  • July 2013
    Loved this post. I was faced with the same things and now that my book (self-published...plus) is out the toughest part is the marketing and promoting while attempting to create my brand. So far and I say so far...I think because I'm such a novice I...
  • July 2013
    Awesome and then some! I love this post and it has inspired me more than anything. I just turned 61 and put out my first fiction novel 2 months ago when I was still 60. I had questioned what I was doing because of my age and the fact that I had just...
  • July 2013
    Thanks so much for the encouragement Elisabeth
  • July 2013
    best wishes - keep writing

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