• July 2018
    I'm at the point of purchasing ISBN numbers. A question for those of you who have done this: Any recommendations? Any one to avoid? Do I need a copyright?
  • May 2017
  • November 2016
  • June 2014
    I'm definitely a pen-in-hand person.  That's the way ideas flow for me.  Ideas don't flow through the keys of a computer for me.  I presently have ten(10) notepads full of hand-written ideas.  I write the scenes that want to be written long-hand in...
  • May 2014
    Subject: Should I?------------Ah the old "should" word.  I've spent large chunks of my life 'shoulding' all over myself.  What I've discovered is that I don't like things I "should" do.  Even if they are wonderful.  Because, what I should do is...
  • May 2014
    Brooke, I sent a comment.  I'm not sure where it went.
  • August 2013
    Thanks for sharing, Julie.  I like your post.  I have been doing 'Morning Pages' for over 35 years.  The process helps me get in touch with my feelings.  I remember how powerful it was on one occasion.  While I was attending an Ira Progoff...
  • July 2013
    Thanks, Bella for sharing your sacred journey. I'm at the 'social media impasse' so your comments offered a load of encouragement.  In fact, I was so moved by your post that I wanted to make a comment.  Only members can comment, so here I am.  Bob

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